Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

Posted on: July 23rd, 2018 by Jen Mueller

This isn’t just the start of any workweek for me, it’s the start of football season. This week I’ll head out to Seahawks Training Camp and engage with hundreds of fans and dozens of new players. When I look at the Seahawks roster and realize how many new players I need to not only meet, but develop relationships with, it’s easy to get intimidated.

Here’s what I remind myself of – relationships aren’t developed in one conversation.

My goal is to have a series of short interactions or conversations that allow a player to get used to seeing me, start to trust me and lay the ground work for longer conversations (you might call them interviews) in the coming weeks.

Here’s what this means for you: You should make it a goal to have a series of conversations with colleagues that allow them to get used to interacting with you and lay the foundation for bigger business conversations.

Those short interactions could be called small talk, and you can use these sports conversation starters for that this week.

Get these weekly conversation starters delivered right to your inbox every Monday morning by leaving your name in the box marked “Let’s Do This!” You’ll be sports savvy and in-the-know by 7am every Monday. More importantly you’ll have an important tool (and lots of topics) to use in the type of small talk that builds relationships with colleagues.

Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

Posted on: July 16th, 2018 by Jen Mueller

Didn’t spend your entire weekend watching sports? No problem – I did, because it’s my job. It’s not your job to be a sports fan, but it is your job to connect with colleagues because that’s how you’ll be the most productive and successful this week at work.

So to review…If you didn’t watch sports all weekend:

  • It doesn’t mean you’re not a sports fan (It means you have a life, and other interests)
  • It doesn’t mean you can’t talk about what happened over the weekend because you didn’t watch it first-hand. (It means you need this cheat sheet.)
  • It doesn’t mean you’re a fake if you talk to sports-loving colleagues this week based on these conversation starters. (It means you’re a good conversationalist.)

These sports #ConvoStarters can be delivered right to your inbox but only if you leave your name in the box marked “Let’s Do This!” You’ll be in the know by 7am every morning and have sports topics at the ready to use with sports-loving colleagues all week.

Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

Posted on: July 9th, 2018 by Jen Mueller

I’m welcoming you to another workweek with a friendly reminder to not overthink your sports small talk.

“What do you think about the All-Star teams?”

“Who do like in the World Cup?”

“Do you want to see Serena Williams win another Wimbledon title?”

These questions – taken straight from this week’s list of sports #ConvoStarters – are not only perfectly acceptable ways to start a sports conversation this week. They’re exactly what sports fans would say. It doesn’t matter what the response is, your goal is to start the conversation, and either use the topics listed below to contribute to a sports conversation or allow the person you’re talking with to steer the conversation in a direction they want to go.

Don’t overthink it. Do start talking.

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