Talk Sporty Challenge for Your Workweek

Posted on: September 8th, 2019 by Jen Mueller

Moving different people in the same direction requires teamwork, leadership and good communication skills.

Leaders need to be able to talk to every member of the team – and do it effectively.

You can’t expect to do that without some practice. You get that practice in low-leverage situations like small talk. Be intentional and strategic with how you approach those short interactions this week and use these sports #ConvoStarters to get the ball rolling.

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Talk Sporty Challenge for Your Workweek

Posted on: September 1st, 2019 by Jen Mueller

Labor Day weekend isn’t just a long weekend away from work it signals back to school, and for many back to work. It’s not like you weren’t working during the summer months, but there’s less sense of urgency to get things done when the days are longer, the sun is out and it’s vacation season.

Now that it’s back to school/work season make sure you don’t skip small talk during the day. It’s an important part of building relationships that actually help you get more done. Give these sports topics a quick glance and use them in small talk this week.

Talk Sporty Challenge for Your Workweek

Posted on: August 25th, 2019 by Jen Mueller

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the subliminal messages you’re sending are as effective as talking to people.

If you watched Major League Baseball during the weekend you might have noticed your favorite teams were wearing alternate uniforms with nicknames (instead of their actual names) on their jerseys. It was part of “Players Weekend” and a way for players to express their personal style on the field. It’s also supposed to be a way for fans to get to know them better.

And I think it’s dumb. I rarely say things like that, especially since I am part of the broadcast team for the Seattle Mariners. Perhaps I’m old school (or just plain old) for not liking the color schemes or how ridiculous all the highlights looked last weekend.

Here’s the thing – changing the name on a jersey, wearing different cleats, using different equipment is not how you build relationships and it’s not the most effective way to communicate what’s important to you. Talking is.

You can’t expect people to figure it out on their own. You have to be willing to communicate with colleagues, teammates and clients. Use this sports #ConvoStarters to get started.

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