Give Yourself a Sporting Chance at Work

Posted on: September 16th, 2018 by Jen Mueller

You know communication is important in business. You know that to be effective in communicating with colleagues you need to build relationships. Small talk gets you closer to those relationships and sports can keep small talk interesting – or at least give you a number of outlets to follow. If you didn’t watch sports all weekend, here are a few items that will be helpful to know this week.

VIDEO: How to Talk Sporty and Use Sports as a Personal Branding Tool

Posted on: September 5th, 2018 by Jen Mueller

There’s a misconception that sports is just sports. Except it’s not.

There’s also a notion that how you behave as a fan doesn’t correlate to anything else.¬†Except that it does.

The way you approach conversations and business communication in general is part of your brand – whether you think of it that way or not. That means the way talk about a game says a lot more about you as an individual than you and your level of sports fandom.

When you craft your personal brand, make sure you include small talk, and specifically sports small talk, as part of your branding strategy. Those conversations can be used to share things like your values, work ethic, personal interests and characteristics you want colleagues to know about you.

Don’t blow off sports talk when you could be using it as a personal branding tool. The video explains more:

Jen Mueller is a badass at business communication. She should be after nearly 20 years in sports locker rooms. Her background in sports broadcasting gives her a unique perspective on conversation skills and effective communication. Jen currently serves as the Seattle Seahawks sideline radio reporter and is a member of the Seattle Mariners television broadcast team. Hire Jen for your next event or training session:  


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