Speak with More Confidence

Posted on: January 4th, 2018 by Jen Mueller

A friend and business colleague listed “speak with more confidence” among her New Year’s resolutions, along with “earn a promotion.”

There is a correlation.

It’s difficult for people to see how awesome you are if you can’t back it up with what you say.

It’s not just looking the part, and having a resume that looks perfect, you have to sound the part too. (If you’re among the group of people who prefer “leading by example” just know that’s only going to get you so far.)

Take every opportunity to reinforce your status as a leader.

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Don’t know how to start? Take a look at this list cultivated from the pages of The Influential Conversationalist.

  1. Smile. Make yourself approachable and you’ll make it easier for people to talk to you. (p. 81)
  2. Tell an interesting story. Boring people don’t usually become sought-after conversationalists. Make yourself relatable and develop a fanbase at work. (p 62)
  3. Develop a success statement. All it takes is 15 seconds to showcase your accomplishments in a casual conversation (p. 34)
  4. Look for ways to fail. Find ways to stretch yourself, hone your skills and respond to adversity. (p. 93)
  5. Be loud to be heard. Sometimes you literally have to speak up to assert your influence. Do it. (p. 114)

If you haven’t already picked up your copy, The Influential Conversationalist is available on Amazon.