Wine and Sports: Sorting Through the Details

Posted on: August 22nd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Wine and Sports: Two topics everyone should be able to talk about.

Sensory Overload.

That’s what it feels like sometimes during an afternoon of wine tasting or when standing on the sidelines of an NFL game.

Two weeks into the NFL preseason, I’m still getting worked in to my normal routine on the sidelines as a reporter on the Seahawks radio broadcast.  The number of people in addition to players and staff can be overwhelming, the sound of the game and the music causes your eardrums to thump and seeing the action can be difficult with the size and speed of the players on the field.  It’s a lot to take in all at once.  So make it easy on yourself and focus on one or two things at a time.


I know what I’m looking for in a game, so it’s easier for me to sort through the details.  But if you want to narrow down your focus try looking for these couple things.


  1. The down and distance.  You can watch the score board for this one until you get the hang of it.  Each team gets 4 tries (downs) to move 10 yards.  So if the down and distance reads 1st and 10. It’s the team’s first try and they have 10 yards to go.  2nd and 3 means it’s the team’s second chance and they have just 3 more yards to go before getting a new set of tries.
  2. Listen to the crowd reaction.  If you get caught watching the crazy people in the stands or walk away from the TV set, pay attention to a spontaneous cheer or a sudden gasp from the crowd it’s a good indicator that it’s time to pay attention again.


When it comes to wine, you could feel just as overwhelmed with the choices, tastes, varietals and price points.  I would take the same kind of approach and narrow your focus.  There can be upwards of 30 different flavors in a single glass of wine.  Instead of trying to identify more than two dozen different elements, try making these determinations first:

  1. Sweet or Dry.  These are opposite ends of the spectrum and fairly easy to identify.
  2. Fruit forward or tannin heavy. A fruit forward wine will taste juicy while a wine with more tannins will cause your mouth to pucker a little.


Sorting through the details and building your knowledge base slowly will help you enjoy the moment and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s what I’m drinking this week: An Alexandria Nicole Crawford Viogner.  A nice, crisp, refreshing white.

Jen Mueller, CEO Talk Sporty to Me, Expert Talker



Let’s raise a glass to more wine and sports this week.  Cheers!


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