Wine And Sports: Don’t Assume

Posted on: September 6th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Wine and Sports: Two topics everyone should be able to talk about.

Jen Mueller, America's Expert Talker, CEO Talk Sporty to MeI’m not sure where the assumption was first made that women prefer white wine and men prefer red.  I can however say, that’s not necessarily the case.

It’s a perfect example however of a small detail that can derail a conversation and make an unfavorable impression.

Think about a business outing or even a date.  If the responsibility falls on your shoulders to choose a wine, don’t assume you know the wine preference at the table.  Make sure you ask the question.  Even in a conversation about wine tasting or winery tours, don’t assume the women you talk to will naturally gravitate toward the white.

I guarantee, wine preference has more to do with: the season, (crisp whites are consumed most often during warm months) the food being served (a perfectly paired wine brings out the flavors of food) and the mood of the day (sometimes I do feel like drink a rose just because.)

It’s similar to assumptions made about women and sports.  I’m a sports reporter and have worked in broadcasting for 12 years.  Yet I still have men ask with a straight face, “Do you even like sports or watch the games?”

That question not only upsets me, but leads to a quick end to the conversation.   If that situation plays out in a business setting, think about the money lost, the missed opportunity and the damaged relationship, all because of an assumption.

Don’t let assumptions and lazy communication tactics get in the way.  Use wine and sports topics to build relationships and find common ground.

Jen Mueller, Talk Sporty to Me, America's Expert Talker


The wine I’m drinking this week:  The cool crisp evenings here in the Seattle area prompted me to open a bottle of port.  I am savoring my last bottle of the member’s only release of Brian Carter’s Opulento and keeping my fingers crossed they release another port this year.

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