Talk Sporty Challenge for the Workweek

Posted on: June 2nd, 2019 by Jen Mueller

I made a couple mistakes last week. If you get this list emailed to you – you probably noticed one of them. (If you don’t just leave your name in the box marked “Let’s Do This!”) I also made a scheduling mistake and didn’t realize it until the person I was meeting was en route to have coffee with me.

I didn’t feel good about either of those mistakes.

I felt better knowing that in both instances there was a relationship in place that gives me a little grace. You and I correspond every week. I’ve been showing up in your inbox consistently for a while now, which means you were gracious in accepting my apology and knowing that it was out of character.

You should have the same relationship with the people you work with. Regular interactions (like small talk) allow colleagues to see who you are as a person, develop trust and leave room for a little grace when you get something wrong.

With that in mind, see how many of these sports topics you can use in small talk this week.