Posted on: May 12th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

“He’s a really good dude, easy to talk to.”

“He’s always been great when I needed a quote.”

“He’s really funny, always has the best stories.”

These are just a few of the real-life comments I heard this week while standing outside the visiting clubhouse at Safeco Field.  The Detroit Tigers were in town and there were a number of us broadcasters and journalists waiting to talk to a handful of players.  The conversation in the hallway quickly turned to the players we enjoyed talking to and our “go-to guys” that we can always rely on in a pinch.

It was interesting to compare experiences, but eye opening to realize that all of the judgments being made directly related to communication skillsNot one of us talked about stats or win-loss records.  The conversation didn’t include a debate on how well the player performed in clutch situations.  Instead, we based our opinions on how we were treated as individuals and the ease of conversation.

The broadcasters standing outside the clubhouse door aren’t the only ones who make decisions based on the interactions they have with people.   Everyone does it.  You do it and so do the people you work with.

You’d like to think that your colleagues are looking at the results you produce but I guarantee they’ve already made a decision about you based on the interactions you’ve had before they even look at the numbers. 

What does your communication style say about you?Are you easy to talk to?

Are you friendly?

Do you smile and say ‘good morning’?

Do you keep your head down when someone walks by?

Do you have a tendency to avoid interactions with colleagues in favor of doing more work?

All of these things play into the way you’re perceived at work.  It’s not enough to just work hard.  A strong work ethic is key to success but you need to realize the impact you make with your personality and communication skills.  Your colleagues, clients, managers and coworkers are making judgments about you every day.  Make sure they’re seeing the whole you.

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