Posted on: February 6th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to your weekly cheat sheet on the sports conversations taking place around your office and with your colleagues.   I know it can be tempting to avoid the conversations altogether especially if you don’t regularly follow sports, but that’s a mistake.  These water-cooler conversations help build your personal brand at work.  They help you get to know your co-workers and allow them to see a different side of you.  In short, sports conversations can increase your visibility and likeability in the office.  Those two factors lead to more opportunities than if you just put your head down and tackle your to-do list day after day.

Jen Mueller, America's Expert Talker, Breaking Down Communication BarriersThis week the conversations will revolve around the Super Bowl, so this will be a modified list from the usual conversation starters provided on Monday.  Think of this as your cliff notes version of hot topics likely to come up this week.   Whatever you do, don’t miss your easy opportunities to connect.

First a quick rundown of the game: Eli Manning and the Giants beat Tom Brady and the Patriots 21-17.  Manning engineered another 4th quarter comeback to secure the win, while Brady and his receivers faltered down the stretch.

Conversation Topics:

Eli wins his second Super Bowl MVP award.  How does that honor and the game impact his legacy?

Brady was perfect on a touchdown drive right before halftime.  What happened in the second half?  How does the game affect his legacy?

The same “legacy” questions pertain to both coaches.  Bill Belichick is widely regarded as the best coach in the league.  Was he out-coached or did his team underperform?

The win gives Giants coach Tom Coughlin the second Super Bowl ring of his career.  Does this cement his Hall of Fame status?

The commercials cost advertisers an average of $3.5 million dollars per commercial.  What stood out to you about this year’s ads?

The halftime show is drawing criticism for an obscene gesture.  What did you think of Madonna and the show?

You don’t have to know the whole story behind any of the topics.  The questions will help prompt discussion in your office, allowing you to glean information from your co-workers.   This is a great opportunity for building rapport and breaking down some of the communication barriers in your office.  So get those conversations started!


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