Posted on: February 15th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Workplace Communication Tips, It’s February 15th and now the real work begins.

It’s the day after Valentines Day and all the heart shaped candy is on sale, there’s no social pressure to buy flowers for your sweetheart and the next time you buy a card just might be a year from now.

It’s easy to give “stuff” on Valentines Day and it’s easy to forget really good relationships aren’t built on boxes of chocolates and teddy bears.   All of your efforts can’t be put into one day, because the stuff won’t sustain a genuine relationship.

“Stuff” gets in our way at work too.  There are always inboxes full of emails, notes to prepare for the next meeting, calls to make, expense reports, deadlines… and the list goes on and on.  Here’s the thing – you have relationships with everyone you work with.  Good or bad those relationships exist.  Strong relationships lead to more productivity, a happier work environment and greater success.  What have you done to cultivate those relationships?

Solid relationships start with conversation and communication.  

Here are three ways to work on that.

  1. Make eye contact.  Look up from your computer or desk when a coworker approaches.  Give them your full attention instead of multi-tasking every minute.
  2. Add a little fun to the workday.  Try talking about something other than work.  May we suggest sports for all the reasons mentioned here.  
  3. Cut your colleagues some slack.   Not everyone communicates the same way you do.  Many won’t share your newfound love of communication skills.  Keep at it and keep an open mind.

If you can’t resist the post-Valentines candy sale, you can throw in a little chocolate, but don’t forget how solid relationships start.


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