Posted on: October 13th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Jen Mueller Expert Talker, Talk Sporty to MeThe baseball regular season ended about 2 weeks ago, but the finger pointing in Boston continues.  An epic collapse marked the end of the Red Sox season.  They missed the playoffs, their manager is gone and now there are allegations of dissension in the clubhouse and reports of players, eating and drinking beer in the clubhouse during games.  And that seems to be the tip of the iceberg.


The purpose of drawing your attention to the Red Sox is not to argue the merits of what they did during games or debate whether or not the manager was distracted during the season.


The point I want you to notice is that a lack of communication in the clubhouse caused a potentially talented team to underachieve.  On paper, the Sox had a powerful combination of players with experience, solid credentials.  On the field, it looked the opposite.   There are people questioning how this was allowed to happen, and why didn’t someone stop it.


My answer to both is a lack of communication and a strong vocal leader.  Stockpiling talent and assembling strong teams won’t produce results if there is internal strife.  If players don’t feel they can trust their teammates to give 100% they lose incentive to play hard.  The same thing can happen in your workplace.


Don’t overlook the importance of strengthening your team internally.  Invest in your employees and co-workers.  Make sure the lines of communication are open.   It takes just a few minutes a day to do.  Get to know someone and establish a personal connection and watch productivity skyrocket.  Get started with our weekly Workplace Conversation Starters, and build those relationships one conversation at a time.


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