Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Workplace communicationPeople sometimes stare in disbelief when I suggest that improving communication skills is one of the top ways to increase business production.  It seems like an unrealistic and over simplified way of looking at the challenges facing many businesses.  After all, the concerns of most managers and business execs involve increasing revenue and retaining good employees.  How could effective communication help achieve those goals?


Good communication promotes synergy, increases employee input and boosts moral.   The overall result leads to more productive offices and increased employee retention.


Real-life examples help to illustrate these points better, and I have one from last weekend when I worked sidelines of a college football game.   Watch how many people are affected by one miscommunication a few hundred miles away from the actual game.


  1. The wrong audio equipment is ordered forcing a Plan B.
  2. This frustrates the audio experts on site.
  3. Plan B involves me, the sideline reporter, being tethered to a cable in the end zone instead of roaming freely along the sidelines.
  4. This frustrates me, and limits my ability to be effective during the game.
  5. Plan B affects the production staff that now has to adjust to the change.  They get frustrated.


This is just one example and one game.  Everyone makes mistakes and communication errors happen.  For the record, I love my job and find it very rewarding.  But imagine if dealing with “Plan B” became an every day occurrence.  Frustration would skyrocket, especially if no one realized the true extend of a lack in communication.


That might be the case for some of you or your employees who feel underappreciated and wonder if it’s worth the hassle of dealing with Plan B every day.   When those feelings creep in productivity plummets and so does employee satisfaction.  As a result, your business isn’t operating at full capacity, which does affect the bottom line.


All of these situations illustrate why good communication is necessary for business success.  Is it an easy fix?  Yes, but only if you commit to making improvements and becoming aware of how the ability to communicate affects many more people than you will ever realize.


Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker, is the Founder and CEO of Talk Sporty to Me.  Jen is committed to helping business professionals engage in more effective communication and reap the rewards of productive conversations.  She’s available to speak for keynotes, presentations and workshops.  Contact for more information and read more at