Posted on: January 22nd, 2014 by Jen Mueller

We’re 12 days away from the big game and Seahawks fans couldn’t be more excited.  Football fans everywhere are talking about the matchup between the Seahawks and Denver Broncos. You should be part of those conversations, because it’s way to build rapport and use the passion of football fans to your advantage in relationship building.  (I’ll have specific strategies for that later in the week.)

You don’t have to be an avid football fan or dedicate yourself to watching hours of football coverage in the coming days.  Just take a look at these talking points, pick one two that resonate with you and use them to strike up conversations with Seahawks fans and football fans around the country.  This is not a comprehensive list, but more of a cheat sheet to get up to speed.  Tomorrow we’ll look at 10 things to talk about outside of the game itself.

10 Talking Points for Super Bowl XLVIII

  1. Top Seeds. Both Denver and Seattle were #1 seeds in their respective conferences. It’s only the second time in the last 20 seasons that the top seeds from each conference will play in the Super Bowl.
  2. Two #1’s. Denver has the best offense in the NFL. Seattle has the best defense in the NFL.  It’s the first time since Super Bowl XXXVII (37) that the league’s top offense and defense will meet.
  3. Quarterbacks.  This game features two quarterbacks at drastically different points in their careers.  Denver’s Peyton Manning is a 16-year NFL veteran and Seattle’s Russell Wilson is just a second-year player.  Manning is looking to cement his legacy, Wilson is the up and comer who is setting the stage for a long career.
  4. Peyton vs. L.O.B.  Seahawks fans probably recognize the L.O.B. reference.  It stands for Legion of Boom.  It’s the nickname given to the Seahawks secondary (their safeties and cornerbacks.)  That unit is one of the best in the NFL, led by Richard Sherman who led the league with 8 interceptions during the regular season.  They’ll get plenty of opportunities due to Manning’s style of play.  He set NFL records throwing for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns in the regular season.
  5. Russell vs. Denver Defense.  The Broncos defense ranks 19th in the NFL. The Seahawks have faced top 10 defenses in 6 of the last 7 games. What kind of numbers could Russell Wilson and the offense put up especially with a healthy Percy Harvin at wide receiver?
  6. Beastmode. The nickname for Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch who sets the tone for the entire team.  He rushed for 12 touchdowns in the regular season and 3 so far in the post season.  He is difficult to tackle and led the league in missed tackles this season.  Lynch is also known for eating Skittles, a candy he loved as a kid.
  7. 12’s.  A reference to the Seahawks fans, also known as the 12th Man.  A team is allowed 11 players on the field, the fans are considered an added weapon thus making them the “12th man” for the team.
  8. Pete Carroll.  The Seahawks head coach is the first coach to lead teams to both the Super Bowl and the BCS National Championship game.  Some fans, coaches and players consider his approach unconventional, but he’s proven it works in the NFL.
  9. Manning’s Legacy. Peyton is the third starting quarterback in Super Bowl history to reach the game with two different teams. Manning won Super Bowl XLI (41) with the Indianapolis Colts.
  10. Hawks History.  This is the second Super Bowl appearance for Seattle.  The first came after the 2005 season when they lost to Pittsburgh.


Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker, is heading to the Super Bowl as the Seattle Seahawks sideline reporter.  Look for more posts on how to talk about the big game over the next two weeks.  She’s also the author of Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day for Business..  Her step-by-step process makes sports accessible and practical for relationship building in business.  The book is available through Amazon.