Posted on: May 17th, 2013 by Jen Mueller

I’ve seen too many women sabotaging themselves in business lately, without even realizing it.

Stop. Selling. Yourself. Short.

This covers everything.  Stop downplaying how talented you are.  Stop brushing off your accomplishments as if they were nothing and stop thinking that you don’t know enough to participate in conversations.

That last item, about the conversations, doesn’t seem like a critical thing, until you realize that conversations are the foundation for business relationships.  And strong relationships lead to more business opportunities.

When you simply put your head down and work hard, the only thing you’re guaranteeing yourself is more work.  Especially if you work with men who don’t prize equal distribution of work quite as much as we do.

For the last 3 years, I’ve traveled the country explaining how sports conversations improve workplace communication, lead to business relationships and ultimately create more opportunities to success, money and advancing your career.

It never fails that after each one of my presentations a woman will come up and talk to me about how, ‘she really doesn’t know sports,’ but will then proceed to tell me that she was a athlete in high school and has season tickets to one of the local teams in town.   What?!

When I interrupt the conversation to clarify that she does, in fact, know a lot about sports, she will then downplay how much she knows.  Usually, there’s some comment about how she doesn’t know as much as her husband or everyone else she considers a real sports fan.

Women in general feel like they have to know everything before they can proceed.  I’ve noticed this is especially true when it comes to sports conversations at work.  They want to know all the facts, stats and rules.  But it’s just not necessary, and I can promise their male colleagues don’t feel the same way.  I’ve called B.S. on more than a few men who would tell you they knew everything about sports.

Sports is the language of business.  And if you’re not participating in the conversations and following the sports metaphors you will be left out.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Don’t assume you don’t know enough to join the conversation or that everyone knows more than you.  Trust yourself and join the conversation.


America's Expert Talker in Relationship Building and Growing Your InfluenceJen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker, can help you join the conversations through a new book set to be released next week Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day for Business.  She is a 13-year sports broadcasting veteran and currently works as a reporter for the regional sports network ROOT Sports NW out of Seattle and on the Seattle Seahawks radio broadcast as their sideline reporter.  She founded her company Talk Sporty to Me in 2009 and is available for keynotes, presentations and workshops.  Contact her at: