Posted on: February 17th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Spring Training beckons baseball fans every year about this time.  It offers warm weather, the return of America’s pastime and the unbridled optimism of a new season ahead.   It also provides an opportunity to make instant connections on a daily basis.

Jen Mueller and Mariners Pitcher Felix Hernandez

Baseball’s regular season schedule is 162 games long.  It’s a tough, grueling routine that requires teams to play nearly every night of the week from Opening Day on March 31 through September.   That kind of schedule gives you built in conversation starters every day of the week. Here are just a few:

“How does your team look?”

“How do you think they’ll do this year?”

“Are you going to any games soon?”

These questions give you a chance to easily follow-up with business contacts and engage in conversations with your co-workers.  Here’s why that’s important.  People work and do business with people they “know, like and trust.”  It’s difficult to get to know someone in just one meeting or over one business dinner.  It’s much easier to build a relationship over multiple meetings.   Asking about a co-worker’s or client’s favorite baseball team gives you a reason to talk to him or her every day during baseball season.  And there’s a good chance a fan won’t turn down the opportunity to talk about “their” team.   Once you establish that relationship it’s easier to build trust and increase the “likeability” factor.   That is how business gets done.