Posted on: July 27th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

It’s being called the “worst call ever.”  And if you watched the end of the Braves-Pirates game Tuesday night, you might agree.  It was a marathon game that last 19 innings and ended with an apparent blown call by the umpire.  He called Julio Lugo safe on a play at the plate, even though replays appear to show that Michael McHenry did in fact tag him out way before he reach home.  After the game, the umpire acknowledge that he “might have” missed the call.

Talk Sporty to Me Blog You can watch the video and debate the merits of the umpire’s actions, but you can also apply this to your own workplace setting.  Every one of us will make a mistake at the office.  Some mistakes are larger and more apparent than others but chances are there’s a preferred way to handle any slip-ups or miscues in the workplace.  This story is a great way to broach the subject of workplace behavior.  It allows you to lay out expectations or raise concerns without pointing a finger at anyone in the office.   You can simply use the umpire from last night’s game as a springboard to how you can avoid mistakes, and how you should rectify the situation if one occurs.


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