Posted on: August 26th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Effective Communication with Family, Jen Mueller CEO Talk Sporty to MeOften times sports stories don’t involve scores, stats or rules.  Like in the case of all-time coaching great Pat Summitt.  She’s been the head coach of the women’s basketball team at the University of Tennessee since 1974 and won more basketball games than any other coach – man or woman.   Earlier this week, the sports world was shocked to learn Summitt had been diagnosed with dementia and early onset Alzeheimer’s disease.


Several articles detailed Summitt’s early signs and told how she was prompted to seek medical help.  The stories also outlined her plan to continue coaching for another few years and how she would adjust her schedule and workload as a result of the diagnosis.


It was sobering news for the sports community, but it likely hits home for several people who have seen family members struggle with the disease.  Maybe you’ve noticed a few symptoms and thought a friend or family member should seek medical advice.  It’s hard to broach the subject, but the news this week of Pat Summitt provides an easier entry point into the conversation.  Use her diagnosis to break the ice, explain why she sought medical help and how she plans to keep living a full life.


It’s just another way sports can promote effective communication and help you build stronger relationships.


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