Posted on: February 3rd, 2013 by Jen Mueller

I love a good debate.  Especially when I know I can’t lose.

I really like a debate that turns out to be a win-win.  And that’s exactly what happens in many sports conversations.

The back and forth banter of a sports debate goes with the territory of being a fan.  There’s always a discussion of who played a better game, who’s more deserving of a win and which coach made the best calls and so on and so on.  The exchanges can be intimidating for novice sports fans and for people who don’t know where to start and who’s side to take.

Perhaps knowing there’s no right and wrong will help give you the courage to jump right in.  In fact, it’s a win-win because not only can you weigh in with your own opinion and speak your mind, but you can be part of those hallway, break-room and water cooler conversations at work.  The conversations that help build rapport and strengthen relationships.

That’s not all you can get out of the conversations. Watch the video and see how else you can use friendly sports debates to your advantage at work.

Relationship building through sports conversations at work