Posted on: November 19th, 2010 by Lynn

I drove by Safeco Field recently and I was taken by the emptiness of that amazing facility. The players have gone home, the fans are indoors watching hoop and hockey and the locker rooms are cleared out until next Spring but there is still a subtle energy about that place.

My football coach buddy says he wins his Friday night games on Monday. I agree and believe so strongly in the importance of the effort in the off-season. That investment prepares you to win come game day. Are the Mariners players sitting at home eating bon bon’s? I don’t think so! They are waking up early, working out, getting stronger and faster, taking BP (Batting Practice) to keep sharp. They know just because the garlic fries machine is off and the uniforms are being dry-cleaned they are still “on the job”.

I hear many business owners struggling with the challenge of working “on” your business as well as “in” your business. It feels like very day is “game day” and the idea of an “off-season” is foreign to all of us trying to pay the light bills. We don’t have the luxury of a break to rest our weary muscles or brains, but we should make a commitment to do the important business development work when we do have that occasionally bye week.

Wake up on a day that you can take a business breath and think about what investment you can make now that will reap future benefits. Who do you need to meet for lunch today that can move your business forward next Spring?