Posted on: May 25th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Detroit Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge just nicknamed me Hitch – after Will Smith’s character in the movie.

Bet you’re wondering why.  Here’s how it happened.  The Tigers are in town and I was doing an interview with Inge for Mariners pre-game on FSN.  We finished the interview and he started talking about playing golf on their recent off-day, and the conversations that take place on the golf course.   That is when I told him that I’m still waiting for enough patience to take up golf, but I let him in on the secrets of “Talk Sporty to Me.”  It’s the same concept as networking on the golf course, but it’s easier, less time consuming and less expensive.

“But what happens if you don’t want to talk about sports?” Brandon asked. “That’s my job and I really don’t have time to follow other teams.  How would it work in my case?”

“In your case,” I said. “Sports is a spring board to other conversation pieces.”

As I’ve written in numerous posts before, a sports conversation conversation is a great starting point to get to know someone better because it doesn’t include any of the taboo categories. Then all you have to do is keep asking questions and it will lead to deeper conversation and a more meaningful relationship.

And that’s what makes me “Hitch.”  Talk Sporty to Me can help you get through a first date and get a second date.  Sports conversations can springboard into any topic you want.

In the end, Brandon agreed it’s a useful skill and it is in fact, easier than golf.  So don’t take my word for it – take Brandon’s.