Posted on: April 26th, 2013 by Jen Mueller

The 2013 NFL draft continues today and while it seems like every pro football fan in America is talking about it, they’re still not talking enough.

Here’s what I mean.  Fans often limit themselves in the way they use sports conversations.  They focus strictly on the sport at hand.  That’s why most people don’t think the first round of the draft was all that exciting.  The first two players selected Thursday were offensive lineman.  They can become the backbones of an offense but they will never record a statistic in the NFL.  So what is there to talk about?

When it comes to improving workplace communication let’s look at the big picture of the draft.  Teams are employers choosing the best employees to work for them.  With that in mind you can use draft conversations to talk about:

  • Characteristics you value in your coworkers
  • Missing pieces you’d like to add to your team
  • How past performance impacts future opportunities
  • Employee evaluation and performance review
  • Reaction to disappointment
  • Handling the limelight

All of those topics coming up during draft day coverage, but they’re framed in the context of being on the football field or with an NFL team.  You can take the same topics and apply them to your workplace and team of coworkers or employees.

How does it work?  Start by making a comment about the draft, then segue into a question relating to your office.

“Kansas City and Jacksonville both took offensive lineman at the top of the draft.  Both teams could really use help in that area.  What area could we use some help in?”

The draft ends this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to use these conversation topics.  If the conversation doesn’t come up today, file these ideas away for future use.  There will be plenty of talk throughout the year about how the draft will impact the season and specific teams.

That’s all you need to improve workplace communication with your team.


America's Expert Talker in Relationship Building and Growing Your InfluenceJen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker, helps business professionals understand how to leverage sports conversations at work.  She is a 13-year sports broadcasting veteran and currently works as a reporter for the regional sports network ROOT Sports NW out of Seattle and on the Seattle Seahawks radio broadcast as their sideline reporter.  She founded her company Talk Sporty to Me in 2009 and is available for keynotes, presentations and workshops.  Contact her at: