Posted on: January 27th, 2014 by Jen Mueller

A slightly different post from my usual Monday conversation starters.  It’s Super Bowl week and I’m in New Jersey with the Seahawks, the excitement is palpable and the crush of media is impressive.  Last night cameras, photographers and reporters clamored to get a soundbite and interview with Head Coach Pete Carroll and a handful of players like Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin.

Of course the questions were football related, for the most part, but here’s what the Seahawks media session proves for you.  If you communicate effectively, people will listen. 

It’s as simple as that.  I watched the Seahawks answer questions for 45 minutes.  That wouldn’t have happened if they couldn’t express their thoughts, string together more than 5-word answers and be friendly at the same time.  There are reasons why you hear from some players more than others.  The media identifies go-to guys that are well-spoken, confident, personable and insightful.   It’s human nature to want to talk to people who are easy to talk to.

DougBaldwinwithMediaCommunicating in a media setting and being on camera gives players a chance to become more recognizable and popular.  That can lead to endorsement deals, increased jersey sales and more fans.  Being well-spoken in the media also gives them a chance to control their own message instead of relying on someone else to put in a good word for them.

It doesn’t just happen with an NFL team during Super Bowl week. You see this scenario play out in business settings all the time, but let the Seahawks be your reminder this week.  Effective communication causes others to listen and leads to more opportunities.


Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker, is at the Super Bowl as the Seattle Seahawks sideline reporter.  Look for more posts on how to talk about the big game over the next few days.  She’s also the author of Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day for Business..  Her step-by-step process makes sports accessible and practical for relationship building in business.  The book is available through Amazon.