Posted on: September 8th, 2013 by Jen Mueller

It felt like triple digit heat on the Seahawks sidelines today, but I would have been sweating the opener regardless as to where we were.  Week 1 always makes me a little nervous because preseason doesn’t give you the full picture of what a team will be like.

It was a close one for the Seahawks today, but they beat Carolina 12-7 and gain momentum heading into a big game against San Francisco on national TV next week.

Doug Baldwin lead the team in receiving yards today and made an incredible catch on a ball that Russell Wilson was trying to throw out of bounds.  During my post game interview with Doug I asked about the play.  He told me he knew that Russell was trying to throw it out of bounds, but he was following his “scramble rules” and saw an opening to come back to the ball and make a catch.  (You can listen to the interview right here.)

This wasn’t the biggest play of the game, but there is a business application here and an opportunity to talk even more about the Seahawks at work.

Business Application:

The “scramble rules” basically define the roll of each receiver when the quarterback is scrambling and trying to make a play.  It’s basically a backup plan and a way to bail out a quarterback that’s in trouble.   The players actually practice this at times during the week and discuss options with the quarterback.  When a play breaks down in a game, everyone is on the same page.

What “scramble rules” do you have in place at work?  How do you communicate your backup plans?  Do you know if everyone is on the same page if you’re forced to use a contingency plan? If this is something that’s worth a conversation in your office, then use the Doug Baldwin play as a way to start that conversation.  It gives you a chance to talk more football and gives your coworkers a chance to be better prepared and make a big play.


Jen Mueller is the radio sideline reporter for the Seattle Seahawks, as well as, a reporter for ROOT Sports NW out of Seattle.  She is also a professional speaker and the author of Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day, the go-to resource for new and novice sports fans.  The book is available on Amazon.