Posted on: September 16th, 2013 by Jen Mueller

The 12th Man did it!

They set the World Record for loudest crowd during the Seahawks-Niners game on Sunday night.

The decibel level reached 136.6.  That’s louder than the decibels produced by a jet at takeoff.  It was so loud I spent the evening shouting into my microphone on the field – something that rarely happens.

You see the trick in broadcasting is usually to tune out the crowd noise and talk at a normal level into the mic because the microphone is designed to do all the work.  The audience listening doesn’t hear the crowd noise the way the reporter in the field does.  So usually my challenge is trying to sound normal on the air even though I can’t hear myself think.

Last night I couldn’t hear myself think and the guys in the radio booth couldn’t hear me unless I yelled into the microphone.  My lips actually brushed the wind-screen on the mic as I strained to give my sideline updates.  The interview with Pete Carroll before the game was actually the hardest because not only am I yelling into a mic so the listeners can hear, but I’m yelling into Pete’s ear so he can hear the questions.

As a result, I’m a little hoarse today.

And for anyone who wonders, yes the 12th Man really is that loud without addition ‘help.’  I’ve been on the sidelines at dozens of stadiums and arenas and nothing comes close to the fans in Seattle.


Business Application:

The World Record is a great conversation topic this week and a way to engage colleagues or your staff in a sports conversation that leads to bigger business discussions.

Think about the effort and the teamwork needed to set the World Record.  One single fan or a small group of fans wouldn’t have been able to get the job done.  It took a collective effort from the entire stadium.  That’s teamwork.

The conversations this week could be about teamwork or a big goal you’re working toward.  The football fans in your office will appreciate being able to talk about the game and you’ll get more out of them when you relate the game back to real life.

Jen Mueller is the radio sideline reporter for the Seattle Seahawks, as well as, a reporter for ROOT Sports NW out of Seattle.  She is also a professional speaker and the author of Game Time: Learn to Talk Sports in 5 Minutes a Day, the go-to resource for new and novice sports fans.  The book is available on Amazon.