Posted on: August 20th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

A Tale of Two Quarterbacks: Brett Favre and Tim Tebow

Recently, I’ve talked to several people in sales and those who regularly give business presentations.  They have all said that being able to talk about sports gives them added credibility with their clients and co-workers.  Sports storylines can freshen up a presentation and help hammer home particular messages.  Take, for example, the story of two very different NFL quarterbacks.  There’s Brett Favre the aging legend, who supposedly just decided he was returning for his 20th NFL season. (Like I didn’t see this one comning months ago.) And there’s Tim Tebow, a very successful college quarterback whose skills might not translate to the NFL yet his morals, attitude and work ethic have made him one of the most popular quarterbacks in the NFL.

Certainly these are both headlines covered in the sports section but both also serve as relevant teaching points in the business world.  Think about it for a second, would you want an employee who pulled a “Brett Favre?”  He’s retired one minute, the next he thinks he’s coming back.  You’re trying to make plans for the future and stuck in the middle. Not to mention the countless number of people who would be upset if you allowed that employee to missed a grueling month of work without any consequence.

Now think about having an employee or co-worker with the attitude of Tim Tebow.  He’s always smiling and takes pleasure in doing the smallest tasks.  He works hard every day even though he’s the back-up to the back-up.   Critics knock him for his inabilities but he’s already secured big sponsorships just based on his worth ethic, morals and past success.

Certainly there’s more to each story than what I just laid out and I’m well aware the NFL doesn’t work like any other business.   Hopefully these examples get your wheels turning about how to use sports headlines to illustrate particular topics in your next meeting.  You’ll be adding to your credibility and increasing your knowledge of current sports topics.  A win-win for everyone.

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