Posted on: June 3rd, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Talk about a successful month for the Mariners!  The team won 5 straight series to close out May and pushed their record above .500 with a few impressive comeback wins.   The camaraderie in the clubhouse became evident and you could see teammates picking each other up during the game.

When asked about the team’s recent success, manager Eric Wedge commented about the players really caring about each other to really be a team and play like a team.   In other words, their commitment to the “who” led to the positive results for the “what.”   The players have gotten to know each other and spend more time just hanging out together.  Getting to know each other as people not just athletes with impressive stats and accomplishments leads to increased trust and more productivity on the field.

How’s your team doing?  Do you feel closeness, or at least an understanding, with your co-workers?  Do you work well together and complete tasks efficiently?   Professional athletes don’t get to choose their teammates (unless you’re LeBron James) so there’s bound to be friction at times as they work to get to know each other.  Even then they’re not always going to become best friends, but for the purposes of being a team they find a way to make it work, because that’s how they win games and produce positive results.

If your office, staff or co-workers experience friction, frustration or the growing pains of getting to know each other, stick with it.  Try to step away from the day-to-day grind and focus on the “who” before you get back to the “what” of winning.

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