Posted on: March 21st, 2011 by Jen Mueller

That was my thinking last week while soaking up some sun while on vacation in Jamaica.  My days were spent lounging by the pool, splashing in the ocean and catching on my reading list.  I stayed away from the computer and TV most of the time, but as a full time sports reporter, I can’t afford to skip the latest sports stories all together.  It’s part of my job.

When I’m on vacation or have a couple days off, I don’t spend the entire day surfing the web or watching game after game.  That would feel like most days at the office.  Instead, I’ll spend 5 minutes scanning the ticker line on ESPN.

The ticker line is the information that scrolls at the bottom of the screen, and you’d be surprised at how much info you can gather one sentence at a time.  I learned about the outcome of all the conference tournaments, the pairings for the NCAA bracket, the latest on the NFL lock out and baseball news from Spring Training.  It was just enough information to keep me from being the dark when I arrived home.

For the last couple years I’ve advised novice sports fans to use this tactic daily as an easy way to broaden their sports horizons.  You don’t need to spend hours reading lengthy articles or studying game film.  A little information is better than nothing at all – take it from a pro who followed her own advice on the beach.

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