Posted on: July 26th, 2013 by Jen Mueller

NFL Training camps opened across the country this week.  Football fans are now counting down the days to Week 1 of the regular season.  If you’re not already a fan, now is the perfect time to get on board.  What’s in it for you?  Multiple relationship building opportunities in business.

  1. Everyone is doing it. (just about.) I know your mom told you it wasn’t a valid defense, but the NFL could be the exception.  A Harris poll in October 2012 showed that 59% percent of all Americans say they’re NFL fans.  There are an estimated 313 million people in the U.S., which translates to about 184 million NFL fans in the U.S.
  2. Strength in Numbers.  With that many fans it’s not just about becoming part of the cool club, it’s about all the relationships you can cultivate as a result of being a fan.  Being a fan gives you common ground and easy access to all the other football fans in the U.S. Who do you want to do business with?
  3. Headline Generator.  Whether you become a fan or not, the NFL season will dominate headlines from now through February.  In fact, the NFL makes headlines year round because of its popularity.  Not being a fan keeps you out of the conversation for half of the year.  Becoming a fan, gives you multiple conversation opportunities.
  4. Once a Week. Each team plays just one game a week.  If you think about it in terms of time management, that’s only one score to track for ‘your’ team every week.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion.  Talking about the game doesn’t have to include a statistical breakdown of what happened in the game.  There’s plenty to talk about without getting into the numbers or the rules.  Think about the location of the game, food served during a game, where the opposing team is from, etc. as conversation starters and talking points.

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