Posted on: October 20th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

I have a hard time cheering for Brett Favre thanks to the scandal with that Jets’ employee.”

That was one of the comments made by my finance last night at dinner. We’d been talking sports and football then all of a sudden we were talking sexting scandals and infidelity.   It was certainly an interesting way to tackle tough subject matter.  While I assumed I knew his feelings on the subject and visa versa, it was still good to talk about things openly.  We were able to use Favre as the starting point and then ask the “what if” questions about our own relationship.   It was a great conversation and it was so much easier because we had sports as an impersonal starting point.

We’ve previously mentioned how a sports conversation can be used to broach a delicate topic in the workplace. The same is true in your personal life.   Sometimes we try so hard not to rock the boat, we avoid serious topics that need to be discussed.  Asking the question “What do you think of the Brett Favre scandal?”  is a non threatening way to get to subject matter that includes: handling infidelity, sexting, appropriate behavior with co-workers or members of the opposite sex.  I don’t need to tell you these are hot button topics in many relationships.  Make it easy on yourself and make it all about Favre – at least to start.