Posted on: August 27th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Thanks to everyone who attended the Talk Sporty to Me Happy Hour last night.  It’s always fun to meet new people and get chance to share.  I loved watching a couple success stories play out right in front of me.  Turns out there were a couple Big 10 sports fans in the room.  Both attended Purdue and even though they’d never met before, it took about 2 minutes for them to become friends and exchange business cards.  In talking with one of the gals further, she mentioned that connection gave someone instant credibility with her, but it’s rare that she meets another Big 10 alum on the West Coast.  That’s a pretty big piece of information because she’s in charge of conducting interviews for new hires.  She doesn’t go out of her way to hire people who have attended a Big 10 school, but she does take an extra minute to look at a resume.  That’s a nice connection to have in this job market. 

It’s just another example to get you thinking about how a sports conversation might be your ‘in’ to a new job, or just more opportunities.  

I’m traveling with the Seahawks this weekend so I’ll keep it short, but I want you to keep thinking and keep practicing those sports conversations.  Let me hear about your successes and I’ll showcase your story in the blog.