Posted on: November 19th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Happy Friday! It was a busy week for me bouncing between college basketball games and now prepping for a weekend of football.  That makes it even more exciting to celebrate the weekend and a few success stories.

Jen Mueller Expert Talker/FSN Sideline reporter

I’ve been pitching the concept now for about a year and there are several exciting opportunities in the works for Talk Sporty to Me.  But nothing excites me more than hearing from real people who have used sports conversations and/or sports knowledge to create more opportunities for themselves.  In my travels and work as a sports broadcaster, I see men do this naturally.  Women, on the other hand, can be intimidated to throw in their two cents and get involved in the conversation.  It’s for that reason that I pulled these comments off one of my facebook posts.


For years, I worked in male-dominated industries and generally had to deal with a lot of guys in social situations, where I had to make small talk.

Or, so I thought, but that is another story!


Ditto for me Suzette – I love sports – but came from a family that didn’t talk sporty – so in my biz (lots o’ dudes as well) – I learned real quick that I could help advance a conversation and break the ice, putting guys at ease by chatting them up on sports.


Sports talk always worked for me too. I grew up in a sports family and my knowledge of Mariners, and at the time Sonics, made me a real “studette” with the men in my workplace

These women are smart, successful and sports savvy. Way to go gals!

If you have a success story send me an email or join the conversation on facebook. If you don’t know where to start try this.  Or send me an email –

Have a great weekend!