Posted on: July 15th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Root Sports NW

“I look for you, Brad and Angie every night on TV now.  My husband loves it!.”

That’s the comment made by stylist Darcy Camden earlier this week during a Girl Power Hour Happy Hour.

Darcy is the stylist for Root Sports, and prior to working with sports anchors and reporters, she didn’t make a point of watching sports on TV or following many of the sports headlines.  In her business it wasn’t really necessary, but her husband is a sports fan and enjoys watching games in the evenings.  Darcy joked that she only watches the game until she’s able to determine how me, Brad and Angie look, but she’s watching more of the game than she ever was before.   Her husband loves it, she loves that she’s spending time with him and I love that there’s a success story to share.

It’s important to note, that your motivation for watching a game might be completely different from your spouse, co-worker or friend.  You, like Darcy, might be watching to see what clothes announcers or reporters wear.   You might watch because you’re attracted to an athlete. Or maybe you watch because you need to talk to a client about his or her favorite team.   Whatever the reason, just tune in on occasion and watch those relationships grow as a result.


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