Posted on: March 25th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Talk Sporty Success Story

I just returned from vacation in Jamaica and most of the trip was spent on the beach at the resort.  But we did venture into the town of Negril a couple times to get soak up the local flavor.  One of our trips was a mission to find the best jerk chicken in the area.  The cab driver pulled up to our hotel and I was shocked to see a Boise State Sticker on the front window.  After climbing in the cab, I realized he had more than just a sticker.  He had several window clings, a key chain and an adornment hanging from his rear view mirror all bearing the Boise State logo.

Naturally, I had to know why this cab driver was so enthralled with Boise State, especially since he was a local and grew up right there in Negril.  Upon asking if he was a football fan or a Broncos fan, he informed me that a passenger had given him all the items.  When I pressed him for details the driver said he struck up a conversation with this particular passenger 10 years ago.  The tourist has come back nearly every year since and each time brought more items for the driver.  They have become friends and exchange post cards and letters.  Then the driver pulled out a photo of himself throwing a snowball.

“That, “ he said “is the first time I ever saw snow.  My friend in Boise invited me to come to a football game and I went.”  How cool is that connection?


We spent about 5 minutes chatting and the driver took us to a fantastic place for jerk chicken.  He helped us order,  made sure we were comfortable and then disappeared for a few minutes.  When he returned, he held out a container of jerk pork.

He smiled and said, “I thought you might like to try this too.  It’s the best in town from just down the street.”

Asking about Boise State paved the way to the afternoon.  We had a chance to make a quick connection with the driver.  He provided excellent service, we had an enjoyable afternoon and he was rewarded with a generous tip.

Just another example of how talking sporty opens doors!

Do you have a success story?  Send it in I’d love to hear about it!