Posted on: February 11th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Woot Woot!

Let’s give a shout out for Friday since we’ve reached the end of the week and for two fabulous success stories.  I met both of the following women at an event in January.  Two weeks later here’s what they have to report:

I had the best time ever at a Super Bowl Party thanks to you. I chatted about the ownership of the Packers and how the Steelers stole the game from the Seahawks. OMG I even attracted two men. And at my age that is something. Thanks for teaching me how to talk sporty.  The good part was the conversation worked with non sports fans.

– Karen

You inspired my latest post – 5 Business Lessons from the Super Bowl... I never would have used a sports analogy before hearing your presentation.”

– Veronica

I love stories like this – and I’d love to hear more.  Send ’em in.  Let me know how a sports conversation made a difference for you, even if you haven’t been to a Talk Sporty event.

Have a great weekend and converse with confidence!