Posted on: July 23rd, 2010 by Jen Mueller

It’s Friday and we’re ending the week on a high note with a couple Talk Sporty to Me success stories.

I was talking with my web specialist Sindi (from Sindi With an S Web Design)  this week, who in the formed me that she ended up in a conversation about Oregon Ducks football at Costco.  The checker noticed the University of Oregon logo on her shirt, asked if she had gone to school at Oregon, then started talking about the football team’s recent struggles.  Sindi followed the conversation brilliantly.  The checker started talking about how Jeremiah Masoli was kicked off the team, and the other legal troubles plaguing members of the team.   Since attending a Talk Sporty Happy Hour a few months ago, she’s been reading her headlines and trying to participate in more sports related conversations.  She’s also reading The Bleacher Report and even subscribes to their Oregon football page.  While she didn’t know all the details of the team’s troubles, she knew enough to look knowledgeable and interested during her conversation.  Nice job Sindi!

Did you hear the one about the business owner who walked into a bar…  that’s where this success story starts.  I was meeting with Joe from The Hawks Nest about an upcoming Talk Sporty to Me event.  Joe is a big sports fan, but doesn’t have time to watch hours of Sports Center and read numerous articles about the local teams.  As a bar owner, he knows the importance of being able to talk to his customers.  Happy customers come back and keep Joe in business.  This week told me he’s carved out a few minutes of his day to read some headlines, watch a few highlights, but mostly he gets his news from friends who have time to follow it more closely.  Nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s pretty smart if you ask me.  He gets to spend time with his friends. His friends think it’s cool he listens to what they have to say.  Joe benefits at work because he makes his customers happy when he takes that information and talks to them.  Bravo Joe!

And that event at The Hawks Nest – it’s worth checking out August 26th and it can lead to your own success story.