Posted on: August 13th, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Successes come in all shapes and sizes, like the two words a former co-worker typed at the end of an email I received this week – “Go ‘Stros!”  It’s a reference to my hometown baseball team the Houston Astros. My former co-worker has recently taken a sales position and was outlining all the services his company provides.  I don’t need his services right now, but thanks to the two words at the end of the email, I’ll make sure I call him when I do.  It was so simple, but it showed an interest in something I’m passionate about.  It made me feel good and gave him instant credibility with me.

That’s the same story I got from a couple people this week who’ve made a career being in sales.  Sometimes it’s tough to just start hammering out numbers in the first few minutes of a meeting.  Being able to talk about sports, eases the situation, establishes a connection and makes it easier to trust the person you’re working with.

Here’s a success story I received this week from Michael, a WSU student.

It is amazing the connections you can make with just a simple conversation about the happenings in the sporting world. I was in Italy for the World Cup final and instantly made great conversation with a group of Englishmen about the disappointment of their national team in comparison to our success of getting past the group stage. Sport connects all of us.

Well said Michael! Do you have a success story?  Send it in!  If you want to create more success stories check out the Talk Sporty to Me Happy Hour August 26th.