Posted on: October 22nd, 2010 by Jen Mueller

Earlier this week I sat in press conference, taking notes on the hiring of new Mariners Manager Eric Wedge.  He made several great points about running a club and his style of managing but it was this comment that jumped off my page of notes – ‘I don’t see how anyone can been an effective manager or leader without good communication.’  Great point.

But here’s where we sometimes miss the point: Each of us has the capability to be a leader.  We often wait for our bosses, managers or supervisors to take that roll.  Or at home we allow our spouse or partner to take the lead.  But good communication skills benefit everyone.  If you take the initiative to talk through a project at work, and everyone understands what’s expected the project will run much more smoothly.  You will be more productive, your team will work more efficiently and the “leaders” higher up in the company will notice your good work.

It’s not always easy taking that initiative, and that’s where sports conversations come in.  In fact, you can use Eric Wedge’s comments as a starting point.

Did you see the comments Eric Wedge made about communication being key for successful managers and leaders?”

Use that to get some feedback from your co-workers on what they think that means for the Mariners, then take it a step further and discuss how that concept applies to your workplace.  From there, you can make a specific action plan for a particular project, meeting, etc.

At that point you’re well on your way to becoming a leader with great communication skills, and creating your own success story.   That’s what I want to hear about.  Send ‘em in.  Let me know how a sports conversation has made you more successful, opened doors or provided more opportunities.