Posted on: October 27th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Sports metaphors can be effective descriptors at work – if everyone is on the same page and understands the correct meaning.  Each week we’ll take a look at a familiar sports phrase or metaphor in business, identify its origin, explain its meaning and demonstrate how to use it in business.


Huddle Up, Talk Sporty to MeSports phrase: Huddle Up

This is a sports phrase that would most prominent in basketball and football.

It describes what happens with a team wants to discuss what happens next.

For example a coach might call a time-out and tell his players to huddle up so he can draw up a play that will work.  Or the purpose of the huddle might be to remind the team of the overall game plan and refocus their efforts.


Business Application:  In business this phrase is used most often to mean to confer, meet up or discuss.

I recently moderated a panel of managers who all identified this phrase as one they regularly used with their team.  It’s a commonly use phrase to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Here’s an example: I think we should huddle up and discuss what comes next with the product launch.


*Take these definitions with a grain of salt.  They’re based on years of being a fan and more than a decade in sports broadcasting and Jen’s status as America’s Expert Talker.