Posted on: November 9th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Sports metaphors can be effective descriptors at work – if everyone is on the same page and understands the correct meaning.  Each week we’ll take a look at a familiar sports phrase or metaphor in business, identify its origin, explain its meaning and demonstrate how to use it in business.


Talk Sporty to Me BlogSports phrase: Home Field Advantage

This is a phrase that applies to every sport.  The word ‘field’ specifically refers to football or baseball, and basketball would be a home ‘court’ advantage.

Regardless as to the playing surface the basic sentiment is the same.  There’s an advantage to playing in a familiar place.  Teams gain an upper hand from playing in an environment that they’re used to and in front of home town fans that cheer for them and add another element to the game.

In general teams have a better winning percentage at home than on the road.

Business Application:  In business this phrase might be shortened to simply “home field” or “home turf.”   It’s used to describe an upper hand or advantaged gained in having familiarity with a situation.

This can come into play when there’s a need for additional momentum.

  • For example:  Let’s meet with Smith and Sterns at our building.  That way we’ve got the home field advantage when we roll out the new marketing plan.


*Take these definitions with a grain of salt.  They’re based on years of being a fan and more than a decade in sports broadcasting and Jen’s status as America’s Expert Talker.