Posted on: December 9th, 2011 by marketing

Talking to You?

Do you feel left out in meetings when the executives are talking about last night’s game?

Do you wish the men and women on your team would work better together?

Do you feel if you had more in common with your co-workers, you’d work better together?

Do you hate small talk, but know it’s important to build rapport?


Upping Your Game, Improving Your Business

Sports broadcaster, Jen Mueller, discovered a way to solve all those problems.  In 2009, she was approached by a group of successful, high-powered women who recognized they were missing out on valuable business opportunities.

The women were watching their male colleagues entertain clients at sporting events, but they weren’t attending the games themselves.  A failure to get in the game was limiting their opportunities to advance and succeed.

Jen swiftly moved into action and developed a process to get those women, and all business professionals, up to speed on hot sports topics.  The results – increased confidence around their male colleagues and increased business opportunities with clients.

While it was a group of women that led to Jen’s pioneering message, her conversation planning process helps both men and women:Jen Mueller Sports Reporter

  • Bridge the gap between men and women in the workplace.
  • Discover the value of sports conversations as a way to build business.
  • Cultivate a more productive and efficient workplace.
  • Improve communication skills in a way that leads to a more individual success within a group dynamic.

Who Benefits from Talk Sporty to Me?  

  • Leaders and mangers who understand the value of good communication skills and are willing to invest in their team.
  • People in sales who need to build rapport quickly with prospects.
  • Professionals within largely male dominated industries who could build relationships through a better knowledge of sports.
  • Men or women who want to participate intelligently in conversations about sports.

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Jen’s experience as a sports broadcaster makes her unique.  She practices what she preaches during TV and radio game broadcasts all year long.  Her stories from professional locker rooms provide powerful illustrations to business lessons that can be applied in the boardroom. Her energetic style and contagious personality make it easy to listen and follow her presentations.  Get Jen Mueller’s full bio here.