Posted on: May 9th, 2011 by Sindi

Short on Time, Money and Good Ideas? Let Talk Sporty To Me Solve Your Fundraising Predicament.

It’s a fundraiser you’ll feel good about. Half of the purchase price will benefit your group/cause and the cards themselves will help your customers enrich relationships, touch lives and provide inspiration. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Think of the number of lives you can touch while reaching your fundraising goals.


Here’s How It Works…

You set the sale point of the 5-card packs between $15-$20 based on your target customer base. Your group keeps half of the total sale price. That’s right 50% of all sales go back to your fundraising efforts!

Talk Sporty will provide enough pre-packaged card sets to reach your specific goals. That gives your group a clear idea of the fundraising target and what it will take to accomplish the goal.

Each set includes the following individually wrapped cards:

set of 5 Talk Sporty greeting cards