Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Increasing your appeal at work is as easy as broadening your conversation topics.  Sports conversations appeal to a large number of people and you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to join the conversation – all you have to do is read the summaries of the following hot topics and ask the questions provided.  And if you’re wondering why you should increase your appeal, understand that your success depends, in part, on how your coworkers and colleagues work with you.  If they like you, they’re more willing to work hard and help you be more productive.


Jen Mueller CEO Talk Sporty to MeNFL – Where will Peyton Manning end up playing next season?  It’s been the big question for the last couple months.  He missed the entire season after neck surgery and it doesn’t look like the Indianapolis Colts want him to return.  The Seattle Seahawks are showing interest in the 12 year veteran. 

–       Where do you think Peyton will play? 

–       Do you think the Colts should keep Peyton even if they plan to draft a new young quarterback?


MLB Every single major league baseball team has players in Spring Training.  The early storylines in the Boston Red Sox camp, however have more to do with beer and fried chicken than baseball.  The Red Sox lost miserably during the final month of the regular season last year, and missed their chance at the playoffs.  There were reports that pitchers who weren’t playing in the games, sat in the clubhouse drinking beer and eating fried chicken.  Two of those pitchers addressed the media for the first time Sunday and apologized for being distracted during that timeframe.

–       How much of an issue do you think this will be during the spring?

–       What are you looking forward to seeing from your team? 


NBA – The NBA All Star game is Sunday.  It’s a game that showcases the best players in the league.  There’s a bit of controversy over whether New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin should play in the game.  Despite being a recent sensation, and scoring more than 20 points a night, he won’t be playing in the game because he burst onto the scene too late in the season.  He was asked by the commissioner to play in the “Rising Stars Game” which is a less prestigious honor.

–       Should Jeremy Lin be playing in the All Star game?


NASCAR The NASCAR schedule opens this weekend at the Daytona 500.  The race marks Danica Patrick’s debut on the NASCAR circuit, after spending the last few years racing Indy cars.  She won just 1 race in 7 seasons of Indy car driving.

–       How successful do you think she’ll be on the NASCAR circuit?


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