Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Conversation Starters to get you to the Top!

Ever wanted the view from the top?  Or maybe it’s the view from the corner office.  Either way it takes hard work and external skills, like your ability to communicate to get there.  Unless you just want the view from the top of the Tropicana Dome.  I got that one last week while traveling with the Seattle Mariners.

Assuming you want to go places and get the real view from the top of your profession, you need to have a wide range of things to talk about that will enable you to engage with everyone you come in contact with.  You never know who will be the next instrumental person to your success.  That’s why you need to be prepared.  Being able to talk sporty and having a working knowledge of the hottest sports topics will help you reach a large number of people.

That’s why I provide a list of workplace conversation starters every week based on the most talked about sports topics.  All you need to do is read the short summary below, click on the link if you want more information, and ask the questions provided.  These make great small talk topics and can help you build better relationships within your workplace that will ultimately help you get that view from the top.


NBA – The Oklahoma City Thunder knocked off the Dallas Mavericks, the defending NBA champions over the weekend.  The Mavericks are just the 5th defending champions in NBA history to be knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

  • What did fans learn about the depth of the Thunder during the series?
  • With no chance of a repeat champion from last year, which team is the favorite to win it all?

NHL – The Los Angeles Kings finished a sweep of the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The Kings were the 8th seed heading into the playoffs and they’ve advanced further than most people expected.  The Kings have lost just one playoff game so far and will play in the Western Conference Finals.  We’ll know by the end of the week the rest of the conference final matchups.

  • How much further can the Kings go?
  • The NHL is reviewing another violent hit delivered by Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers.  What do you think about the level of physical play throughout the playoffs?

MLB – There are so many possible conversations this week based on recent baseball news.  We start with Albert Pujols, who homered for the first time this season on Sunday.  The Angels signed Pujols to a 10-year, $240 million dollar contract in the off season and many are starting to wonder whether it was worth it.

  • What do you think? Do you think the home run Sunday is enough to get Pujols going and make him worth the contract he signed?

19-year old Bryce Harper made his major league debut last week with the Washington Nationals.  Sunday night, Philadelphia pitcher Cole Hamels hit Harper with a pitch.  Following the game, Hamels admitted he did it on purpose to put the youngster in his place.  Hamels now faces a suspension or fine for his actions.

  • Many pitchers would have said ‘the ball got away’ or ‘it slipped’ instead of being so honest, should Hamels have lied to avoid punishment?  What do you think of him trying to put Harper in his place?

Horse RacingThe Kentucky Derby was won by ‘I’ll Have Another’ Saturday beating 15-1 odds.  The race is the first in horse racing’s Triple Crown.  The Peakness comes up next on May 19th, followed by the Belmont Stakes June 9.  No horse has won all three races (thereby claiming the Triple Crown) since Affirmed did it in 1978.

  • What do you think about I’ll Have Another beating the odds?
  • If you had a horse, what name would you give him?


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