Posted on: September 24th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Are you ready to play Monday morning quarterback?  (Check out the most recent Sports Metaphors at Work definition to see if this applies to you.)

Monday’s during football season are typically spent rehashing Sunday’s big NFL games.  But the football conversation doesn’t end on Tuesday.  It’s a consistent theme for sports fans throughout the week.

If you’re one of those football fans be sensitive to your colleagues who might not be as in tune with the game.  Spin the conversation to another topic if they admit they didn’t watch the “big” game.  It’s as easy as asking what they did over the weekend. Also be aware of the rooting interests of your clients.  File this information away for use the next time you need to make a sales call.  Starting the conversation with a sports nugget about his or her favorite team will help break the ice and make the call seem less formal and forced.

Those are just a couple ways you can use football conversations to your advantage at work this week.   If you’re at a loss for other sports talking points, here you go.

Talk Sporty to Me BlogNFL – After 3 Weeks of the regular season there are 3 unbeaten teams and 2 winless teams in the NFL.  This is significant because every game counts during a 16-game regular season.  The winless teams are New Orleans and Cleveland.  The unbeaten teams are Houston, Atlanta and Arizona.

College Football – Each week we’ve taken a look at the Top 25 poll because there’s been movement at the top each week of the college season.  This week Oregon jumps ahead of LSU to #2 in the country.  Alabama maintains their rank at #1.  It’s hard to rank teams this early in the season because most teams haven’t played very meaningful games.

  • How do you determine which team is better at this stage of the season?

NBA – The Seattle City Council is expected to approve a deal Monday allowing investor Chris Hanson to build a $490 million dollar basketball and hockey arena.  Neither the NBA or NHL are expected to expand and add teams so for Seattle to get a basketball or hockey team one would need to relocate from a different city.

  • Do you think the city will see a return of the NBA?
  • If so, how quickly do you think it could happen?

PGA – The Ryder Cup gets underway later this week.  The event matches the best European golfers against the best American golfers.  Rory McIlroy headlines the European team and good showing from Rory this weekend would go a long way in solidifying his place as one of golf’s best right now.  The American’s will count on four Ryder Cup rookies to come through.

  • Brendt Snedeker is one of those young rising stars and is coming off a big win last weekend at the FedEx Cup.  Do you think he can keep the momentum going this week?
  • Everyone wants to see that match between Rory and Tiger Woods.  Who do you think comes out on top?


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