Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by Jen Mueller

After an unexpected week away, we’re back with a brand new edition of Workplace Conversation Starters.  There’s lots going on here at Talk Sporty to Me, and we spent most of last week putting the finishing touches on some big announcements coming later this week.

But before we get to that, we’re going to arm you with a few hot sports topics you can use to strike up conversations with coworkers and colleagues.  This is an easy way to build rapport and open the door to even more conversations.  And remember, a sports conversation doesn’t need to last long.  The goal of these conversation starters is not to start a 2-hour debate in the office.  The goal is to take an interest in things your coworkers are interested in.   The conversation might only last a few seconds and sound something like this:

  • “Did you see the Tigers swept the Yankees to get to the World Series?”
  • “No I don’t follow much baseball?
  • “Really?  What do you prefer to watch instead?”

With that in mind, let’s get to a few of the hot topics this week.

Workplace Conversation StartersNFL – A week after losing to Seattle in the final seconds of the game, the New England Patriots needed overtime to beat the NY Jets after blowing another 4th quarter lead.  New England leads it’s division, but for a team led by Tom Brady and several key offensive playmakers, it’s difficult to determine what’s going on the Pats.

  • What’s caused the Patriots to loose their swagger?
  • What do you think is to blame for the Pats struggles late in the game?

College Football – USC Quarterback Matt Barkley threw 6 touchdowns in the Trojans win against Colorado Saturday and set a new school record by reaching touchdown pass number 100 in his career.  Barkley’s recent performances have gotten him back in the Heisman Trophy discussion.  (The award is given to the best college player at the end of the season.)

  • Who else belongs in the Heisman discussion now that West Virginia’s Gino Smith has struggled?
  • The top 5 schools in the Top 25 rankings are all unbeaten, but topped ranked Alabama seems to be the most dominate.  Which team could challenge Alabama for the BCS title?

MLB – The World Series starts Wednesday but we won’t know who’s playing until Monday night.  What a post-season it’s been!  In the American League, Detroit swept the Yankees to advance to the World Series, but that was days ago.  In the National League, the San Francisco Giants have staged a furious comeback to force a deciding Game 7 against the St. Louis Cardinals.  That game plays out Monday night, the winner advances to the World Series.

  • The Cardinals have struggled after gaining the upper hand in the series.  Who do you think wins tonight, in San Francisco?
  • Detroit hasn’t played since Thursday night, giving them 6 days to rest up before Game 1 of the World Series.  Does that work in their favor or will the National League team be riding more momentum?

NBA – The NBA season starts next week and the Dallas Mavericks will be without Dirk Nowitzki. He’ll miss at least 6 weeks after undergoing knee surgery last week.  The Mavericks aren’t the only team dealing with injuries before the season.  Minnesota is without Kevin Love due to a broken hand and the Knicks are without Amare Stoudamire, just to name a few.

  • How do you think early injuries will impact teams to start the season?
  • Which teams are you looking forward to watching this year?

NHL – The hockey lockout continues and the league announced that all regular season games through November 1st are canceled.  The season was supposed to start mid October.  The latest round of cancelations means that players will miss a second paycheck.  Negotiations took a bad turn last week.

  • When do you think the lockout will end?
  • How will it impact the popularity of the sport?


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