Posted on: October 8th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

That’s a phrase you’ve likely heard whether you’re a sports fan or not.  There’s a definite place for it in sports, but it can apply to much more than what you might see on a field of play.

The thought that records are made to be broken describes a mindset and attitude that what’s been done in the past isn’t good enough for the future.  That attitude makes great teammates and great coworkers.  It’s just one of the conversations you can dive into using this week’s batch of conversation starters.

Sports conversations at work aren’t limited to talking about a game or specific player.  You can steer the conversation to talk about bigger issues like the attitude you want to see from your team.

If that’s on your agenda you might be interested in this week’s NFL note about Drew Brees.  These talking points are a combination of the top sports storylines being talked about this week.  Simply read the descriptions below, click on the link for more details and use the questions provided to strike up a conversation.

NFL – New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees set a new NFL record by throwing at least one touchdown pass in 48 straight games.  That breaks the previous record held by the late NFL great Johnny Unitas.

College Football – A few upsets Saturday in college football led to several changes in the Top 25 poll.  South Carolina handily beat Georgia and moved up to #3 in the polls while Georgia dropped 7 spots to #12.  Other moves of note, West Virginia moves up to #4, and Kansas State moves into the top 5 for the first time since 2003

  • What do you make of the way a few of the previous top-teams played last weekend in particular, Georgia and Texas?
  • West Virginia Quarterback Gino Smith appears to be the front-runner to win the Heisman. So far he’s thrown 24 touchdown passes with no interceptions and completes 81% of his passes.  Is there anyone who can challenge him for the award?

MLB – After a thrilling finish to the season, the baseball playoffs are underway.  In the American League the Oakland A’s won the AL West on the final day of the season beating out the Texas Rangers who had been in first place most of the year.  The Rangers where then eliminated in the Wild Card game.  That sets up series between Oakland and Detroit, and New York in Baltimore in the American League.  In the National League it’s Washington against St. Louis and Cincinnati against San Francisco.

NASCAR – Matt Kenseth avoided a 25-car pile-up at Talladega Sunday.  The crash happened with two laps remaining and ended up impacting 10 of the 12 Sprint Cup Title contenders. Going into the race, fans had expected a crazy finish because of the style of racing at Talladega.  This one didn’t disappoint although many drivers say they’ve had enough.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. called the driving conditions “unsafe” at restrictor – plate tracks like Talladega.

  • What do you think should be done about restrictor plate racing?
  • There are 6 races remaining in the Chase for the Cup, how do you see it playing out?