Posted on: December 11th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Sports topics and headlines make great small talk at work.  These workplace conversations will help you break the ice, cultivate stronger rapport and lay the foundation for future interactions.  Below is a rundown of a just a few hot topics in the sports world this week.  Just read the summary, click on the link for more information and ask the questions provided.


Jen Mueller, CEO Talk Sporty to MeNFL – The Packers keep winning.  The Colts continue to lose.  And the surprises keep coming for the Broncos.  Tebowmania is sweeping the country.  The Broncos’ quarterback continues to find ways to win despite the odds.  He runs more than his passes and comes under fire from most football experts, but his leadership is unquestioned as the Broncos are 7-1 since he took over as the starter.   Do you think his style of play is sustainable?


The Packers are still unbeaten this season and are vying for a shot to be the first team to record a “perfect” season since the 1972 Dolphins.  The Colts have yet to win a game this year and might finish with a winless record.  It’s something that’s been unimaginable with Peyton Manning as the Colts quarterback but he’s missed the entire season with a neck injury.   Which is more probable – the Packers winning the rest of their games or the Colts not getting a single win?


College Football Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III – known as RG3 – won the presigous Heisman Trophy for being the best overall player in the country.  It’s the first time a player from Baylor has won the award.  You can watch Griffin and the Baylor Bears in the Alamo Bowl as they face off against the Washington Huskies.  How do you feel about RG3 winning the award over Stanford’s highly touted quarterback Andrew Luck? 


NBA – It was on, then off.  On again and now negated.   We’re talking about a three-team deal that would have sent Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets to the Lakers.   NBA Commish David Stern stepped in late last week and blocked the trade leading to several comments that he has too much power and isn’t acting in the best interest of the league.  What do you think?  Would the deal benefited the league and how much control should Stern have?


MLB – Long-time St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols signed a 10-year $254 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  It’s one of the biggest contracts in US sports history.  He will be earning somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million when he’s 41 years old.  What do you think about Pujols choosing a large contract and not ending his career with the team he played his entire career with?  How do you think he fits into the American League?

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