Posted on: January 3rd, 2012 by Jen Mueller

Welcome to a New Year and the first batch of Workplace Conversation Starters for your week!

If you’re new to Talk Sporty to Me, or this blog, here’s how it works.  Every Monday (or Tuesday in the event of a holiday,) I bring you a handful of the most talked about sports topics of the week.  I boil it down to a brief summary, include a link for more information and provide questions you can use to start conversations at work.  Did I mention that I’m a sports reporter in real life?  I promise these topics are relevant.

Why do you need this? Because it helps you build rapport with your coworkers and increases your likeability, and theirs too.  When people like each other, they work better together and it’s not such a drag to go to work.  You’ll enjoy a friendlier and more productive workplace.

Just one more thing…. let me clear up a myth that you have to be a huge sports fan to talk about sports.  Wrong!  You just need to be willing to learn a couple of nuggets here and there and be willing to listen to coworkers who are sports fans.

Sound good?  Let’s get started?


Talk Sporty to Me Blog, Jen Mueller CEONCAA Football – We’ve reached the home stretch of the Bowl Games.  The National Championship between Alabama and LSU will be played next Monday night, but the second best matchup between Oklahoma State and Stanford played out last night.  Oklahoma State won in overtime.  That means that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will be the first overall pick in the NFL draft but didn’t win a bowl game or the Heisman trophy this year.  Some people think this is unfair, how about you? 


NFL – Speaking of Luck, he says he’ll play wherever he’s drafted and most people think that will be Indianapolis.  They finished with the worst record in the NFL this year and get the first pick in the draft.  They also fired their GM and Vice Chairman as part of “Black Monday” in the NFL.   How do you think that move will affect the future of the franchise especially considering the health of Peyton Manning?

The regular season ended on New Year’s Day and the first round playoff matchups are set for this week.  Here’s a look at the matchups and remember four teams get byes this weekWho do you think will win the Super Bowl?  Which team do you want to win the Super Bowl?


NBA – The delayed NBA season started Christmas Day, but now you’ll find a bevy of games to watch every night.  They’re packing in 66 games between Christmas and April 26, which requires teams to play more frequently than normal.  As a note, just over one week into the season and there are no unbeaten teams remaining.  What do you think of the amount of games?  Did you miss the NBA earlier in the fall?


MLB –Prince Fielder, the biggest baseball free agent remaining, is still on the market.  It appears the Washington Nationals are the recent frontrunners to sign the big first baseman and power hitter.  The Nationals say they’re still just one of 8 teams interested.  Are you surprised he’s still on the market?  Do you think his agent, Scott Boras, is just using the hype to drive up the price?


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