Posted on: March 11th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

The field is set for the NCAA tournament which means that you should be printing off a bracket and joining in the fun.  If you’re a sports fan you recognize all the bracketology talk and don’t have any problem making your own selections and filling out a bracket.  If you’re not a fan and don’t follow college basketball you might not understand the popularity of this exercise.  It’s something that fans everywhere take part in, and that’s exactly why you should fill out a bracket too.  It will give you something to talk about, a way to connect with your coworkers and broaden your appeal.  If everyone is talking about it – shouldn’t be in the loop too?

When you’re able to engage your coworkers in a topic or interest outside of the typical “work talk, ” they will notice.  They’ll notice that you’re interesting as well as hard working.  That leads to very good things at work.

Here are a few ways to approach the bracket conversations as well as a few other hot sports topics this week.  Just read the summary, click on the link if you want more info, and use the questions provided to join the conversations.

Jen Mueller CEO Talk Sporty to MeNCAA – There are a couple storylines that came out of selection Sunday, but here’s what you need to know – picking the winners on your bracket doesn’t require any basketball knowledge.  Fans have their own strategies for filling out their bracket, some use team colors, mascots, overall records, location, personal preferences … any number of factors.  Just take a few guesses and make your picks.

  • Who do you have in your Final Four?
  • Which team do you think will be the Cinderella team that unexpectedly makes a run through the tournament?

NBA – It seems that Lin-sanity is wearing off.  Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks have struggled this month.  In fact, they have yet to win a game in March.  Lin is struggling to hit shots and the head coach is being questioned for his coaching decisions.

  • Is this just a case of opposing teams figuring out how to play Lin or are the Knicks just a bad team?

NFL – Football fans are following two major storylines this week – Peyton Manning and the Saints “bounty” system.  Peyton was released by the Indianapolis Colts last week, after 14 years with the team.  He’s looking for a new home and expected to make his decision early this week.

It could take much longer for the NFL to decide what the punishment will be for Gregg Williams and those responsible for the “bounty” system that had previously been in place in New Orleans.

  • Should the coaches involved be suspended, fined or both?

PGA – Tiger Woods withdrew from the WGC – Cadillac Championship tournament over the weekend after hurting his left Achilles.  The injury comes a week after Tiger turned in his best performance since 2010.  He’ll get the injury evaluated this week.

  • Will Tiger be able to play in the Masters April 5th?


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