Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by Jen Mueller

It’s back to work after a long holiday weekend so we’ll waste no time in getting right to some of the big storylines of the week.  If you’re not familiar with this weekly blog, it’s designed to be a cheat sheet as to what sports loving folks will be talking about at work this week. Don’t get left out of the conversation and miss your chance at building rapport with coworkers, colleagues and decision makers.


Talk Sporty to Me BlogCollege Football – The regular season is over and Notre Dame is undefeated.  The Fighting Irish will play for the National Championship in the BCS title game, but they won’t know which team they’re playing against until after this week’s SEC title game.  #2 Alabama and #3 Georgia play in that game on Saturday.  Just a couple weeks ago, Alabama thought it’s shot a national title was over after losing to Texas A&M.

  • Which team do you think will face Notre Dame?
  • Do you like either of those matchups as the title game?

Notre Dame isn’t the only unbeaten team in college football, but they’re the only team eligible to play in the post season.  Ohio State finished with a perfect 12-0 record, but the Buckeyes’ season is over because of NCAA sanctions.  Ohio State beat its rival Michigan Saturday to close out the perfect season for first-year Buckeye coach Urban Meyer.

  • Ohio State knew they were not going to be allowed to play in a bowl game before the season started.  How much more impressive is it that Meyer was able to motivate and coach his team to a perfect record?

NFL – Fans of the NFL love a good quarterback controversy and there’s one brewing in San Francisco.  Colin Kaepernick led the 49er’s to a win against New Orleans Sunday while a healthy Alex Smith stayed on the sideline.  A concussion to Smith a few weeks ago initially opened the door for Kaepernick’s first start, but now it appears he might get many more chances.  San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t naming a starter for next week yet, saying he’ll make the best decision going forward.

  • Do you think Kaepernick’s early success is more a product of his skills or the fact that teams don’t have much film on him yet to game plan against him?
  • Alex Smith is 19-5-1 as a starter since the start of last season.  Which quarterback do you think is best for leading the 49er’s into the post season?

College Basketball – The college basketball season is officially in full swing.  The Indiana Hoosiers are the top ranked team in the country.  Louisville is ranked #2 but the Cardinals will be without their center indefinitely.  Gorgui Deng broke his wrist over the weekend.  He was a big factor in the middle of the court.

But all the talk last week was about Jack Taylor, the basketball player from Grinnell College who scored 138 points in one game to set a new single game record.  There was a strategy behind getting Taylor the ball and giving him all the opportunities.

  • Was it a gimmick?  Was it good for the game?
  • Taylor and the school received a lot of publicity as a result, is this a case of there’s no such thing as bad PR?

NHL – We haven’t talked much about the NHL recently because there’s still nothing much to talk about.  The lockout is still in effect.  Last week the league canceled games through December 14th as well as the All-Star game.  This means more than a third of the regular season and two of the league’s biggest events have been canceled for this year.

  • Do you think the lock out will wipe out the entire season like it did in 2004-05?
  • Because the sport seemed to bounce back relatively well after that lockout, do you think it’s lessening the chances of getting resolution for this lockout?


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