Posted on: November 7th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

Increasing workplace rapport starts with improved communication skills and productive conversations.   Getting to know your co-workers and clients is a key part of increasing productivity at work, and sports conversations help get the ball rolling.  Below is a rundown of a just a few hot topics in the sports world this week.  Just read the summary, click on the link for more information and ask the questions provided.


Jen Mueller, CEO Talk Sporty to MeCollege Football – It was billed as the “Biggest Game Ever.”  LSU and Alabama played Saturday night for the top spot in the BCS rankings.  LSU won  9-6, securing their #1 ranking.  Unbeaten Oklahoma State moves up to #2 in the BCS rankings but Alabama only drops to #3.  Oklahoma State still has to play LSU later this season, which means a lot can still happen with the rankings.  Remember, the top two teams in the BCS rankings play for the national championship.   What did you think of the low-scoring game between LSU and Alabama? Do you see Oklahoma State hanging on to the #2 spot and staying unbeaten?


NFL – The Green Bay Packers remain the only unbeaten team in the NFL.  They beat San Diego Sunday, improving to 8-0.  How much longer can they remain unbeaten?  The play division rival Detroit in 3 weeks in what could be a tremendous showdown.

On the flipside, Indianapolis is the only team in the league without a win.  It’s a shocking turnaround for a team usually led by the ultra successful Peyton Manning.  With Peyton injured and the Colts struggling, what do they do if they end up with the top pick in the draft?


NBA – The NBA lockout drags on and now the players want to decertify the union.  That could give the players leverage, because a disbanded union could lead to an antitrust lawsuit over the lockout.  USA Today wrote a great summary on what the lockout means to the fans.  It points out that the NFL was able to end it’s lockout because the NFL is a profitable business as the NBA is not.  What needs to happen to make it profitable?  Which side will cave first?  Do you miss seeing NBA highlights and games?


NASCAR – What a finish this season will be in NASCAR.  Just two races remain in the Chase for the Cup and only 3 points separate the leader Carl Edwards from Sunday’s winner Tony Stewart.  One of these drivers will end Jimmy Johnson’s unprecedented run of 6 straight titles, who will it be? 


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