Posted on: April 6th, 2011 by Jen Mueller

U.S. District Courthouse, Minneapolis Building

Here’s an addition to this week’s conversation starters, one that needed it’s own quick post.  Today is a big day for NFL fans keeping a close eye on the lockout situation as it goes to court.

A couple brief notes on the issue at hand:

–          The players union decertified and the players sued the NFL for violation of antitrust laws. The goal of the lawsuit is to block the lockout and prevent the owners from locking out the players.

–          The NFL believes the decertification process is a sham to gain leverage in ending the lockout. Suffice it to say, neither side trusts the other.

–          A judge in Minnesota will  hear the players request for a preliminary injunction to end the owners’ lockout her decision could end the lockout.

If the judge sides with the players the lockout ends.  If she sides with the owners, the lockout continues.  Here’s the tricky part.  Both sides still need to come to the bargaining table and hammer out a long term deal.  So ending the lockout might not be as simple as a court ruling. The decision could take a few days.  The article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune lays out the entire scenario, but also offers this advice to football fans.  Don’t worry about today’s court room proceedings, spend more time watching the Masters Par 3 contest.

It’s still a complicated story with many more twists and turns to come, but at least you’ll have a little better knowledge base when talking to football fans in the coming days.